Society Members

Regular Members

A prerequisite for all regular members of the company is the possession of the specialty of Pediatrics. For each new entrant (apart from the founders), an additional two-year postgraduate training in Pediatric Pneumonology abroad or three years of comprehensive education abroad and in Pediatric Hospitals / Centers in Greece is required with staffing and clinical, scientific and research activity in pediatric Pulmonology certified by at least two members of the company of different clinics.
The following procedures are defined for the registration process:
a. The candidate must be nominated by at least 3 regular members.
b. It submits a written application for registration to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. of the company, which encloses exact copies of the studies and supporting documents (Pediatrics Specialty Certificate, Pediatric Pulmonology Education Certificates, etc.), two photographs and a curriculum vitae.
b. The Board of Directors of the Company proposes in writing the proposal to accept or not the application for registration, with fully justified reasoning to the next Ordinary General Meeting.
b. decides by an absolute majority on the acceptance or rejection of the application

Non Regular Members

Non-regular members can be made by applying for registration and proposing two full members the Greek doctors or other graduates of related health professions who wish to follow the scientific work of the Society.

Non-regular members attend scientific meetings and may make announcements on paediatric – pulmonary issues and participate in debates, but do not have the right to vote or to be elected members of the Board of Directors. or elect other members and participate in the Company’s meetings